Welcome Caregivers


     We are extremely excited about our new and improved product that we recently released to the marketplace. This product will make shopping trips for you caregivers so much nicer and less tiring. 



“The newest revolution in shopping convenience “

“The Wheelchair Shopping Basket.”  


Wheelchair with Shopping Basket attached
Wheelchair with Shopping Basket attached

     No longer will you have to push a wheelchair and pull a cumbersome store shopping basket when you go shopping. The product we have designed for you is the Wheelchair Shopping Basket. This basket attaches to the back of the wheelchair with a convenient handle built in for pushing the wheelchair. After easily installing the basket onto the wheelchair you will be on your way to a more enjoyable shopping adventure.



Wheelchair with Shopping Basket on vehicle chair lift
Wheelchair with Shopping Basket sitting on vehicle chairlift

Our customers that have a ramp or a lift for their vehicles are able to install it in the comfort of their home, then load the complete unit into their vehicle. Upon arriving at the store, you’re ready to head inside without having to spend time in the parking lot attaching the basket to the chair,   


Did we mention that the Wheelchair Shopping Basket is designed to fold easily,

Folded Basket
Folded Basket ready for storing

enabling it to be transported in the trunk of your car or the rear of your SUV? This feature also allows it to be conveniently stored out of the way when not in use.


      Our Wheelchair Shopping Basket was also designed to be completely independent of the wheelchair so those who could use some assistance with their shopping could use it also.



Free standing Basket
Freestanding Wheelchair Shopping Basket

 After visiting other portions of our website and watching the video you would like any additional information we may not have covered or if you are interested in purchasing our product today click here where you will reach our contact page.  Please complete the short form located there and leave a message with any questions or comments you may have and one of our staff members will resound, We try to answer the website entries within 24 hours if not sooner. You will also be able to place an order on that contact page by clicking the PayPal button which will collect your payment and shipping information for us to begin processing your order for shipment.

About Us

Wheelchair Shopping Basket


History of the Wheelchair Shopping Basket

 The Wheelchair Shopping Basket you see above was born out of necessity by the owner of the company, Maryanna Waller, who at the time was the primary caregiver for her mother.  While shopping with her wheelchair-bound mother the idea of developing an easier method of grocery shopping with her mother came to light. Mrs. Waller developed the design layout and construction details of the wheelchair basket we have today. This basket is collapsible for easy storage when not attached to the wheelchair. 

Folded Basket
Folded Basket ready for storing